Help us build a flourishing food forest on this barren mountain top. Together we can stop the continuous degradation of the soil by planting a broad variety of trees, shrubs and herbs. It will return water to the land. It will increase the soil quality.  And it will add a lot of biodiversity to the area. This way Dutch Canary can become an inspiration for other farmers on the islands. Contribute now and donate a tree. 
And when you want to go really fancy, donate a tree with a sign with your name on it!


Canary pine

Donate this crucial tree and help us to create a flourishing food forest.

Fruit tree

Fruit trees are the base of sustainable production within the food forest

Nut or pod tree

Donate a nut or pod tree which produces nutritious food in the long term.

Or donate all of these 3 trees!

Be a great giver and donate all of these trees to give us an even better start!

Do you wish to make an other donation? Please sent us an email!



Pine trees

Fruit trees

Nut and pod trees
Thanks to: 
Frans & Adri, Anne Heijnen & Joke Fieten, Jozé & Gerard Heijnen, Rick Schepers, Ferry Heijnen, Jeroen, Has & Lena, Frederique & Carlo, Marjolijn, Ferida, Inge, Mark & Richard, Niek de Bruin, Lambooij, Ella en Jan, Susana, De Boys., Jurgen, Liselotte de Haan, Hans de Bruin, Anneke Boudewijn, Loa & Zia, Doctor Bernhard, Henk & Anita, Gea Fieten and 4 anonymous donors.
Planting a Pino canariensis
About us

Why we do this

We are growing a food forest on a somewhat barren mountain top on Gran Canaria because we want to create a dynamic, sustainable and ecological food production system that contributes to the biodiversity on the island. Avoiding conventional agriculture, we will use local natural resources with respect. Through reforestation, we shall return our mountain top to its natural state. Centuries ago it was overgrown by local Canary pines. We have already planted 30 of them in 2022. At the same time we will return water to the land, plant fruit, nut and pod trees, shrubs, herbs and much more. This way we will be nurturing the young forest until it is old enough to guide us.
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