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Pine tree with a sign

Donate this crucial tree and help us to create a flourishing food forest. Fruit trees are the core of every food forest. A lot of fruit trees like citrus, lemon and the indigenous date palm grow rapidly and will give plenty of fruit quickly. While others, like olives and avocados, need years to mature. A food forest is home to both slow and fast growing fruit trees as it is designed for sustainable production for many years to come rather than quick and massive production. Donate a fruit tree now.

We will add a sign with your name to the tree. And we will keep you updates about your tree!
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Pine trees

Fruit trees

Nut and pod trees

Donating a tree will make all the difference

You can help us to turn this barren mountain top back into a flourishing forest. That way we can inspire others to create a sustainable way of farming in the Canary mountains and in other parts of the world. Join us today!
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